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Suddenly 26: Un momento histórico con Daniel “Dani” Pedrosa Ramal

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Suddenly 26: Un momento histórico con Daniel “Dani” Pedrosa Ramal

Long time no write. I hope I don’t lose the ability to tell stories interestingly. I’ve got something exciting to tell this time, about a dream that comes true. But I am not sure if I can write here as exciting as it is 🙂

Umm, where to start? *thinking*

Oh, have you ever dreamt about something silly, a dream that you don’t really expect to come true? A dream that you know would be unreachable though you practice it daily as if it will really happen to you? Well, I have. What I am talking about here is my new hobby, watching the Moto GP with all the riders and stuffs. I’ve been into this high-speed motor race since nearly the end of 2013 season. As some of you already know, I am a fan of yellow number 46, the only Italian Legend and King on two wheels, The Doctor Valentino Rossi. As a new fan (not the die-hard one though) of the Italian rider, I came up with learning Spanish; a language spoken by three rivals of his! Feel odd? So, do I. I have no idea about the reasons of learning it. Maybe three years ago I just thought that Spanish is one of the languages with most speakers in the world. I had no thoughts that someday I would stand side by side with a Spanish rider and got chance to practice the language with the native speaker. 😀

The story began when my friends and I flew to Sepang for watching the race live. My reason for coming was only one, wanting to be part of a history in Moto GP as it would be the year for Valentino Rossi to be crowned as the champion in the age of 36 years old. Of course I knew there was also the opposite as I knew Valentino Rossi could crash and lose his golden opportunity to be a champion. Anything can happen. A successful-and-hard work during the season can turn into tears in a blink of crash. Something that most of fans (including riders n their teams) is afraid of.

Along with four other friends, I took part in the Pit Lane Walk on the first day of Malaysian GP. That is the only chance for fans to get closer to the garage of every team. In my previous two Malaysian GP experiences, I always saw Valentino Rossi in the garage, I only saw since I didn’t have the ability to get close. This year, I somehow felt that Rossi would be busy with the championship and would not spend time coming to us, the fans, so I didn’t queue in front of Yamaha garage. I just took picture around the crowd and wandered aimlessly around the restricted area when the Italian guards away, hahaha.

The next day, I intended to come to Honda booth for riders meet and greet. A friend of mine already confirmed to be my companion (million thanks, yeay!). From the news I knew there would be the World Champion Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa coming and signing some posters for 20 lucky fans in Honda Booth. Sadly, my companion got up late (ehem!), giving me no chance to be one of the twenties. When we arrived, the booth was already occupied by hundred fans. I noticed that both riders hadn’t arrived yet, I still got a chance to meet them! That’s what I quickly thought. My eyes looked around, checking the situation while thinking a way to waylay one or both riders. Then I found the so called brilliant idea. I told my companion be in a corner which I expected them to pass. I wasn’t sure if they would pass that way, but if yes, we would get the chance to stop them. Then, we were there, waiting for them to walk that path.

Surprisingly, they were only both of us in the corner. Yeay!! We spent the time waiting by talking and joking on things that would/not happen to us. So, here was the plan. I would come to the riders and my companion would capture the moments. Perfect, eh? We also practiced using camera to get many pictures in a click (what’s the method?). Oh, have I mentioned that we put a mask on our face due to the haze from Sumateran forest fires?

When we were talking, suddenly a group of people approached us (oh, no, I mean passing the corner where we sat, on their way to the booth). My heart beat faster noticing who were coming. Yes, yes, yes they were Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa with some big and scary body guards. I was so shocked, nervous, and blank. I just let them pass without doing anything. When I stood in freeze, I heard a voice of my friend calling, “Marquez…”, which was soon responded with a hand-wave and a smile from last year’s champion. I quickly realized that I should have done something, so I called, “Dani…”. Aaaannd, that moment was just beau-ti-ful! One of the most beautiful moments in my life! He looked at me, right in my eyes (underline it, eye to eye), smiling. Oh, Gosh, give me strength to stand still!! Oh, did I miss something here? Yes. I just called and didn’t stop them! Gee….stupid! And you know what’s even more stupid? I didn’t put off my mask! So, Dani didn’t really see my face, aaarggghhh….. Can I repeat the moment and change everything???? Seemed like God said, yes.

After they went, I still had a chance to stop them and talk to (one of) them in Spanish on their way back. I already prepared some questions for any of them. The point is of course not getting the answer, but the moment of speaking Spanish with a Spanish rider, hahaha. Yea, you call it silly, stupid or whatever, I accept it as I was! Oh no, but the situation was completely different. After the Spanish rider walk, there were many male fans standing and waiting for them, too. Oh, no, I had new rivals! I should have thought some strategies. Again, my eyes looked around and I thought how to get close when they pass later. Most of my new rivals were exactly in front of the back-door of the booth, the door which both riders used to pass. So, I chose to stay the farthest.

Aaaannnddd, there they were! Both Marc and Dani appeared from the door and were welcomed by those aforementioned male fans asking for signs. Lucky me, Dani (walking in front of Marc) refused to stop, hahahaha. Poor them! Then, I rushed approaching Dani and say, “Hi, Dani, one sign, please…”. He slower his steps and took my pen and book, with a smile. We held the book together (oww, soo sweeeettt). Haaaahahaha. I really couldn’t stop smiling, even when I wrote this! I was just right beside him after I successfully slithered away the big guards. I knew I could do anything to him like hug him, kiss him, or just touch him and those are the things people kept asking me why I didn’t do while there’s a chance. I thought about that, too, when he signed my book, but yea, I will never do that. Those actions were just not me (though I want it laaa, in a way!) hahaha.

There was a perfectly-complete satisfaction after he finished signing, especially when he refused another man asking for a sign on his helmet after me. Pedrosa was just smiling indicating his disinterest. Hahaha. I felt I was special, I thought I was special……but I am a creep, I’m a weirdo….(Creep lyrics). Anyway, do you know my last word for Dani? It was just, “Thank you, Dani.” And can you guess what I realized after that moment? Yes, where did my Spanish go??? Why was I unable to say the easiest word in Spanish, “Gracias”,???? Sooo, the moral lesson of this story is to never look down on your dream, how impossible it is you think. Get prepared yourself to achieve it, coz if it’s your big dream, you’ll be nervous facing it. Trust me. Want to proof more? My friend was also unable to use the camera to get many pictures in a click–the one we previously practiced! He used the traditional way, one click for one picture. Hahahaha. Nervousness when living your dream exists. It’s then us who should know how to control it!  #GraciasDani #VamosDani

Marc waved hand answering my friend's call.

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